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Two Times Trouble!

Well hello everyone once again.  Didn't realise that I hadn't chatted to you all for so long.  It was a busy festive season for KiwiChik and then it was a kitchen makeover, valentines, mother's day and easter.  She has just got over the Hertfordshire County Show and is getting ready for the Tring Carnival and Charter 700 celebrations.  So never a moments rest here.  I have no excuse sadly except living the life of Riley!

Pinot and I are both in trouble today as we did some brother-sister bonding and went hunting together.  KiwiChik was not impressed with our present so I thought by writing my blog I might get back into her good books.  Not that I am bothered but it does upset Pinot.

KiwiChik has been busy making lovely chocolate slabs with different flavours and toppings. Plus ideas for new chocolate goodies are in the brain stage.  

Truffles have gone into some summer (as if) flavours so she has been making creme brulee plus the lovely floral ones of rose and violet.  Also the favourite caramel and salted caramel.   Always a welcome addition.

So remember to come visit KiwiChik at one of her markets.  Tring Summer Carnival is on 27th June but you can find her at Tring Farmers Market every second Saturday.

Bye for now and next time - check in earlier :)

The Cat in Charge

Is it that time already?

Hello, you maybe wondering where I have been but I was enjoying the summer with KiwiChik, Mr KiwiChik and Pinot.  The garden holds such treasures when you are a cat!  

I have also been poorly, off my food !! People who know me will be shocked as this is a situation that has never occurred before, so KiwiChik took me to see the lovely Jennifer at Aston Clinton vets and I had to have the rest of my teeth out. The good news is I am now allowed wet food ! So I am back on track now!  Still have those jabs of insulin but KiwiChik and me are getting used to it.

KiwiChik has been busy as she doesn't like to keep too still.  
She had a lovely weekend up at Ashridge Countryside Festival where much chocolate was consumed and not just by Mr KiwiChik!

Lots of lovely chocolate slabs have been created over the past few months for local shops and now the Christmas season has reared it's head!  KiwiChik will be supplying King's Arms in Tring with chocolates for their Christmas meals this year so keep a look out for them.

The Christmas truffle flavours have been started and gin & lime has featured. So keep a look out for new flavour pairings or even a return of an old favourite.

As for me, the winter season is coming so I am doing a lot of sleeping, the occasional mousing - which is a new event for me!  And sometimes I manage to convince KiwiChik to give my back a massage - mmm who said it's a dog's life? 

See you soon

Piper Heidseck

Oh Dear where has the time gone?

Hope everyone out there is enjoying the summer.  I first must apologise for not writing for six months, life has just been one big cat sleep for me.  I don't like those cold, dark nights so I just curl up and only lift my head to see what KiwiChik is making in the kitchen.

Life has been busy for KiwiChik with her chocolate slabs and chilli lime mango being very popular.

KiwiChik and Mr KiwiChik did a successful Hertfordshire County Show and even enjoyed it when the Saturday was so wet.  They made lots of yummy cakes and chocolates which i bet pleased everyone else.

This summer KiwiChik has some new flavours to try - how about Jasmine or Pomegranate Chocolate slabs, rhubarb or Macadamia nut truffles to name a few.

See you in the Summer time

Piper x

Nearly Bonfire Night

Autumn is here and the storm of the year is arriving!   KiwiChik will still be able to make chocolates though.  She is doing a stall at Tring's Festival of Fire on Saturday 2nd Nov.  So go check out her new stuff.  Also the Christmas rush has started.  Soon KiwiChik will have Chocolate Christmas Trees plus lots of yummy boxed truffles.  Me I am just sitting about chillin' and waiting for the next meal.

Catch yer later!

Summer did arrive!

Hello everyone.  Hope you are enjoying the summer.  Pinot and myself are making the most of it and can be found in various spots around the garden and under the shrubs catching the rays.    Sadly KiwiChik has to be indoors making chocolates and truffles but she does come out occasionally for a chat. 

Summer has brought a lovely selection of truffle and chocolate flavours, strawberry or raspberry eton mess, lemon & mandarin, rose, violet, lavender to name just a few. 

Summer is also the time where not much chocolate is eaten sadly for KiwiChik but she just gets prepared for the cooling months and of course she has other ideas up her sleeve always!

My diabetes seems to have levelled off so we have a regular dose of insulin twice a day now and KiwiChik and Mr KiwiChik are getting better at the injections!

Thanks to my holiday staff James, Vivianne and Julie :)

Thought you might like to see what I look like

  This is my do not disturb look :)

A slow start to Spring


Piper here checking in.  Diabetes is responding to insulin well so I am feeling full of the joys of Spring, if only this weather would pick up a bit.

KiwiChik has been busy at the Tring Farmers Market and supplying her outlets.  She will be attending the Herts County Show on May 25 & 26 at Redbourn.

KiwiChik has been busy with flavours and has lovely basil & lemon, pimms & lemon, eton mess to name just a few.

Plus the great Pizza Kits for children.

Come and see what's new and try some!

OMG where has the time gone?

Well Happy New Year to you all (let's just pretend we're talking about the Chinese New Year as my blogging has been lax).

Apologies to one and all over my lack of chatting over the past few months but I will explain.

It has been a busy time at KiwiChik barn but enough of that let's talk about me!  My life has changed drastically. Last year KiwiChik noticed that the enforced diet seemed to be working on me drastically and I did seem to drink a lot and expel the liquid frequently.  This led to me being taken to the cat doctor's (now I just call her Jennifer as we are on first name terms) and the diagnosis was Diabetes.  So KiwiChik and Mr KiwiChik have been stabbing me twice a day for the last few weeks to "help" me with my diabetes. It also involves a dayspa at the cat doctor's every fortnight where Jennifer stabs me every couple of hours to "help" with my diabetes.   I'm not liking this diabetes thing much! So that is an explanation of why I have not felt compelled to do my blog but you will be pleased to hear that I am on the mend and am apparently a model patient.  But let's chocolate I can hear KiwiChik saying.

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us and KiwiChik boxed truffles can be found at Beechwood in Tring for that special one in your life (not a furry creature as chocolate is no good for us apparently - diabetes or not!)

Mothering Sunday will be next and KiwiChik is already looking to the next idea. And then it will be Easter and everyone will be able to enjoy chocolate again although in this household we NEVER give up chocolate for Lent.  That would just be silly!

Remember that KiwiChik does a range of flavoured chocolate slab bars with scrummy flavours like Strawberry and Pepper, Lemon, Cappuccino, Caramel & Seasalt and Raspberry & Lime to name a few.

Now I must go rest my little head - keep smiling :)


The nights are drawing in and it's almost time to think about C....

Hi from KiwiChik barn once again.  Sorry we have been a little slow with the blogs this year.   KiwiChik and Mr KiwiChik had a holiday on a rather large boat this year, leaving us with Auntie Julie once again.  But now they are back and ready to create Christmas goodies.

KiwiChik said to tell you she has her Christmas flavours organised (not sure why she doesn't write this blog herself rather than asking her beloved cat Piper to do it! Possibly because Pinot - other beloved cat - cannot type!)

The Christmas flavours this year are Spice, Creme Brulee, Cappuccino, Orange & Chilli, Port & Cranberry, Ginger, Champagne, Cherry Brandy, Orange & Cardamom, Vodka & Lemon, Mint plus White, Dark and Milk.  Of course other truffles can be ordered but the mixed boxes this year will specialise in the Christmas Flavours.

Over the summer months the diet regime for myself has paid off.  I am now a svelte cat half the size I used to be.  Finding life's joys once again,  chasing the birds (but they see me coming I think), spying on the neighbour's dog, chasing Digby (neighbour's cat) around the house, but the thing I enjoy most at this time of year - lying on KiwiChik's bed sleeping in the warmth.

Catnap time - Miaow for now!

Does this mean end of summer :(

Summer has been a quiet time for KiwiChik due to many other commitments and lots of Olympic watching! But not for me and Pinot, our cat lives are pretty much regular.  We just sleep outside in the summer instead of inside on KiwiChik's bed.  Dinner is always later in summer due to having to go to bed straight after dinner and Pinot's mouse chasing goes up tenfold!

As I write, KiwiChik is busy making white strawberry, caramel, milk, dark and sloe gin  truffles.  Although one lot nearly did land on the floor earlier - I heard the words!  Not words I will repeat I must emphasise!

She is building up for the Harvest Market on Sept 8th at Tring Farmers' Market.  I did offer to come help but she just said no for some reason. 

Already KiwiChik has been talking about Christmas!  Scary thought that one!

Well must get back to my napping.

Catch ya laters

Summer News!

Hi, Summer is here they tell us, currently Pinot is back in his bed and I have just surfaced to write to my fans.

KiwiChik has been rather busy with doing the Hertfordshire County Show (which had some of that summer wetness to it) and also the Tring Carnival (where the big yellow ball in the sky was visible).

She also has a new product - Chocolate Fish and Chips!!   They taste different to the other type of fish and chips but I like them also! 

KiwiChik has asked me to apologise for her lack of updating the website - that is going to change.  So watch this space !

You can now follow KiwiChik on Twitter @KiwiChikTruffle

I'm off now to snuggle down under KiwiChik's duvet

Until next time ....

Jubilee Celebrations

Well that Spring hasn't lasted that long.  It's nearly time for Jubilee celebrations KiwiChik has informed me, surely that isn't til summer.  She has been busy with her Jubilee Box of 4 Limited Edition Truffles.  In a lovely little white box with blue or red ribbons and gorgeous flavours of earl grey tea, elderflower, sherry and Champagne & strawberry.  Sounds (and smells) heavenly.  My nose has been twitching with the lovely smells drifting from the kitchen at KiwiChik Barn.

You can buy KiwiChik's Jubilee boxes at Tring Farmer's Market and The Hertfordshire County Show.

With Spring at the Barn we have been getting a lot of visitors.  Usually KiwiChik and Mr KiwiChik's friends but occasionally Pinot does like to try and introduce a friend in luckily KiwiChik catches him at the door.

Digby has been around and has learnt to climb the loft ladder - that is so last year! Thinks he is so cool - boys!

I can hear the tinkle of rain on the glass hole in the roof so it must mean that wet stuff again.  I don't like to get my coat wet but KiwiChik is out in all weathers, mind you she seems to be able to take her coat off and there is another one underneath - how does that work?

Well must go as think KiwiChik is boxing truffles tonight and I would like to offer one of my many toes to hold the ribbon - bet she won't let me (again!)

Spring has sprung!

The flowers are growing well in KiwiChik's garden, although I do find they get in the way of my resting places sometimes.

KiwiChik and Mr KiwiChik had a break away from all things chocolate the other week. I can hear you asking what about Piper and Pinot!   Not to worry, KiwiChik is mostly a responsible sort of human, she asked Aunty Julie to look after us.  So we had a lovely week with lots of cuddles and when they came back we had not even really missed them.  We did have a few instances where Digby got locked in by accident though.

So the Easter season has passed for KiwiChik and the filling of chocolate eggs with caramel have finished.  Also Lent is over so chocolate is back on the menu - hooray!  Exciting new flavours of truffles and slabs will be coming out on a regular basis as well as the old favourites.

A new product that KiwiChik has been trying are marshmallow slabs.  Those little squishy things encased in a chocolate slab.  I am not selling it to you, I can tell but then I do eat tinned cat food :).  Take a look at the next Tring Farmers Market to see what I mean.

There is a new flavour in the fridge, I peeked when I asked KiwiChik for my morning (and evening and any other time) milk.  It's gin and blueberry truffles.  Go figure that one!  I think it might be a more grown up human flavour.

Anyway must go, the skies are darkening and my belly is rumbling, must be time for dinner.


March already!!

Happy St David's Day! 

KiwiChik has been out already this morning and tells me it was beautiful, very atmospheric with all the fog and a good start to her cooking day.  Me, I was too busy planning my day whilst I lay on KiwiChik's bed.

It's nearly Mother's Day, not sure what Pinot and I are getting KiwiChik (he always thinks a mouse is a good offer but I just know that is not what she wants really), but KiwiChik has some lovely things for your mum.  Solid Chocolate I love you mum plaques, chocolate slabs (some flavoured, some decorated), gorgeous truffles and much more.

You can find us at the Tring Farmers Market or chocolate supplies in Beechwood Fine Foods.


Happy Valentine's Day

Hello once again,

KiwiChik has told me off for not doing my job.  So i will regale you with my life so far this year.

Firstly - no post came for me today but then Pinot didn't get any either.  Suppose I don't know many cats who will send me a valentine except Digby and I see him everyday anyhow so he is not going to post it!

Other than that I have been passing time at KiwiChik barn, brainstorming with KiwiChik (although she thinks I am just hanging around for food!) and trying to keep warm from that wet white stuff that keeps falling out of the skies.

KiwiChik made some lovely heart chocolate slabs for Valentine's but of course you all know that already.

Coming up next is Mothering Sunday, there will be lovely slabs and truffles to celebrate this occasion.  Watch this space.  And remember to get your orders in early.

If you were lucky enough to receive lingerie from gorgeous in Tring, then you will have a surprise of some KiwiChik hearts in with it!

Chocolate pizzas are also a new offering from KiwiChik.  Don't worry they are only chocolate but could fool you that they are the real thing sometimes.

There's always something new going on at KiwiChik so keep looking and if you want to know more then contact us now.

See you soon


HAPPY NEW YEAR from us all at KiwiChik

Well I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, Pinot and myself don't really celebrate Christmas, every day is Christmas for us!

It's been a busy time for us all at KiwiChik Barn and we would like to apologise for the lack of blogging. 

Christmas was a exceptionally busy and KiwiChik was rushing around getting out orders and doing new things.  She made some pretty chocolate slabs and there will be more of them in the New Year.

Another  big hit this season with the human folk were mango chilli lime strips dipped in chocolate. Each to their own i say!

The brandy soaked cherries were well received as well it seems.

Luckily for us this year it was not all white and cold so we were able to still get outside and KiwiChik was happy as she could get her chocolate delivered.

KiwiChik is also very pleased as she has received a food hygiene rating from the local council of 5.  So keeping us away from her cooking does pay off!

Keep checking out the blog in the new year as there will be many more exciting things to report on the KiwiChik side of things.

For now, Pinot and I are just going to do a bit of catching up on zzzzzzz.

October nearly over!!

Oh my goodness where has the time gone?  September was a bit of an upheaval at KiwiChik Barn as KiwiChik and Mr KiwiChik went away and left us home alone.  Ok not really home alone, we had Susan to look after. I think we made her stay worthwhile!

October has been rugby fever at KiwiChik Barn and now it has ended with the right result, apparently, the work starts for Christmas.  New ideas have been thrown around and put into practice.  KiwiChik is now making chocolate pizzas (when are we getting chocolate mice I ask myself?).  Also champagne flutes filled with gorgeous truffles are being added to the Christmas menu this year.  Please keep checking the website as I will be adding photos as soon as KiwiChik teaches me how to download the camera.  And you thought I spent all day sleeping!

Bank Holiday yipppeee

Well Summer seems to have been and gone at KiwiChik Barn.  KiwiChik keeps saying her tomatoes just won't ripen.  Not sure what that means but it is upsetting her!   I find that I spend a lot of time indoors sleeping so it must be the wet season coming.

We had visitors from KiwiChik's homeland the other week.  They made a fuss of me so they were ok and I posed for a lot of photos for them with my best smile on.  Got to show those moggies down under what we are made of up here!

There has been no more cherry products made in the kitchen for a while since the fresh cherries have all been dealt with.  Thank goodness for that as they looked interesting but not to my taste (although I did try one that fell on  the floor!)

Truffle logs are the new buzzword at KiwiChik barn this month. Apparently when you have friends round for dinner you just slice up the log and people help themselves.

Not sure how Digby would cope with the knife but Pinot and I with our thumbs would be able to deal with the task in hand.  Now I just have to wait until KiwiChik isn't looking.....


Well they say time flies when you are having fun!   July is speeding past at KiwiChik Barn.   Pinot and myself had our annual checkups which we passed with flying colours although the weigh in is always a tricky moment.  I try to distract the vet with my charm so she overlooks the weight gain.  It worked this time.  

Our first BBQ of the year occurred in July mmm I love those smells almost as much as KiwiChik's truffles.     Speaking of which rum and raisin clusters are KiwiChik's latest offering.  

Loving the occasional summer days spent lazing in the garden.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and remember to go visit KiwiChik at Tring Farmers Market!

Digby had his aunt to stay so thought I would go for a visit.  She also doesn't hide the food! On the way to visit I noticed another neighbour has planted a cat mint plant just for me.  I love to eat it and roll on it, KiwiChik had to apologise for me.  I am trying to convince KiwiChik to put it in her truffles but it's falling on deaf ears.   These a  market out there for cat truffles.   Apparently KiwiChik has just made cappuccino truffles, I ask you who is going to want those. 

Hi, my name is Piper and I am a 6 year old polydactyl (many toed) cat who lives at the KiwiChik Barn with my brother Pinot.  Digby our neighbour visits a lot, he is something they call a pedigree but we are priceless KiwiChik tells us. 

Tonight KiwiChik has been fussing in the kitchen making truffles for her truffle trees for a wedding.  Have no idea what they are but I can't imagine many birds will visit them.  The problem with this truffle production is it seems to get in the way of my dinner hour!   Of course  I am not allowed in the kitchen at these times so I have to cast my beady eye from the hallway as I lay nonchalantly on the floor.  I do have to watch out for Mr KiwiChik as he doesn't always notice me!  Perhaps it is lucky I have many toes!

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